Custom Book Signing

Want a Custom Signed Copy?

Signed physical copies of my books are a great way to support me, and you'll get a custom author-signed novel in return!

Currently, there are two methods of getting a signed copy:

Option 1: Round Trip!

This one is pretty simple.

  1. Buy a physical copy from Amazon.

  2. Mail it to my P.O Box

  3. I'll sign it and send it back to you!

Please send at least $5 per copy to help cover the cost of mailing it back to you. Anything above the cost of mailing I'll consider a donation.

P.O Box Details

Option 2: From the source!

This is a great way to support my ecosystem. And you get a signed copy!

You can pay via PayPal or Ko-Fi. Please be sure to add the following in the notes:

Your book will arrive within a few weeks!

Updates to this information will be posted [here].