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Fast, Friendly Feedback:

You've been hard at work on your manuscript for so long you've lost track of time, but you did it! You completed a full draft of what will soon be a novel!

Now what?

Your finished draft is a living document, full of wonder, drama, comedy, and romance. But like most authors, you most likely put yourself into the world and story so deeply that it can be difficult to tell where you end and the story begins.

Of course what you've written makes perfect sense to you. But is it coherent to anyone else? When your reader starts in, are they right there with you? Are they going to be completely lost? What did you actually put on the paper?

This is where professional Developmental Editing can help.

Ready to get started? Book an appointment or fill out the contact form below and let's chat. You can email me at [email protected].

Hyper Nostalgia Developmental Editing has been essential in transforming my novel into what I've dreamed of. He provided feedback delivered through comments directly on my manuscript and detailed paragraphs on world-building, characters, and plot, that gave me so much helpful direction for my next draft.

I would highly recommend Hyper Nostalgia and will definitely be a repeat customer!

- Francesca D.

The Service in a Nutshell:

Let's bring this story to the next level! As your developmental editor, my job is to read your rough, first, or second draft and provide detailed, in-depth feedback in a timely manner. Once your work is in my hands, it becomes my full-time job to read and review as quickly as I can without sacrificing quality or depth - all so you can get back on the road to publication.

Check out the FAQ page for a more detailed rundown of how developmental editing fits into the process of writing, and why hiring a professional is vital if you want real, timely feedback and review.

What You Get:

After I've finished reading your project, you will receive:

Listen Closely:

This service is for rough, first, or second drafts only.

Developmental and Structural Editing is not line editing, copy editing, or proofreading. I will not spend time on punctuation rules, spelling, grammar, or other types of "polish" (unless those issues are significant enough to prevent reading).

Being critical of your work is the service.

The goal here is to provide signposts at an early stage of your project. Are you heading in the direction you want, or has my feedback shown you something unexpected? You should expect to feel many strongly positive and negative emotions from your feedback.

And hey - it may not be great at this moment, but that doesn't mean it can't be great with work. That's the whole point.

Wow wow wow - RSK's Hyper Nostalgia Development Editing went way beyond what I was expecting! Not only did he locate a major component of my story that could be leaned into to create a much better thriller, but he also found every little and big thing that could be modified to create a much better story - much better. He created separate documents for each section of my book and thoroughly - and I mean thoroughly - went through each one. If I use his thoughts to shape the sections, this little story of mine could be really good. Then, on top of the section editing, he went almost line by line through my entire book!

- Phyllis K.

Service Rates + Process

Service Rates:


  1. First Step:
  2. Second Step:
    • I review the form and get in touch with you to agree on contract dates and other considerations.
  3. Third Step:
    • If everything works, we agree on and sign the contract (view the sample contract).
    • After signing the contract, you send the deposit and your manuscript.
  4. Fourth Step:
    • I read and do my magic on your manuscript.
    • Once I'm done reading and writing notes, I send it all back to you.
    • You also get a follow-up meeting to discuss questions and get more detail on anything you'd like!

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